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What Are The Different Types Of Air Ducts?

Posted on November 8, 2022

If you’re thinking about air duct cleaning, you might also be thinking about what types you currently have. You may also need to know about the different types if you’re planning on getting ducts changed at any point. There are several different air duct types that you could have in your Euless home or business.

Each type of duct was built with different advantages and disadvantages in mind. The air ducts you have currently installed will change how vents can be cleaned and how they operate day-to-day. Here’s an overview of the types you might have in your Euless home or business.


Fiberboard ducts are made of compressed fiberglass and resin and are finished with an outside covering of foil. These ducts are protected from moisture and are very good at insulating, not requiring any additional insulation to be added to the outside.

These are the least expensive to install, but they have several drawbacks. They don’t always fit in tight spaces. They tend to be prone to mold due to their porous nature. The use of fiberglass leads to a rough inner duct, leading to inside friction that reduces the airflow efficiency. This friction also makes the ducts prone to picking up debris.


The fiberglass type is actually just a sheet metal duct lined with fiberglass, either internally or externally. These are great at insulating and preventing any typical escape of heat or cold. They can dampen sound from the A/C, so they tend to be used on commercial buildings more than residential buildings. They can work for a home that needs a lot of quiet, though.

The downside is that they tend to deteriorate over time and release fiberglass particles in the air. They’re also porous and allow mold growth. They can be hard to clean because the cleaning damages the lining and emits fiberglass, so they should only be cleaned by Euless Duct Cleaning.


Flexible ducts are metal coils with plastic foil on the outside. They’re great for houses with no space and many awkward corners due to their flexibility. They’re the easiest to install and the second least expensive duct choice. Unlike fiberglass, they create no potentially harmful air particles. They’re resistant to mold and rust and leak less than sheet metal ducts.

The one problem with their bendiness is that they can restrict airflow through an abundance of kinks in the system. They must be installed carefully to avoid these kinks. Their ridges can reduce airflow too. And, of course, they can be punctured.

Sheet Metal

Finally, you can also find sheet metal ducts. These are typically made of galvanized steel and aluminum. Aluminum is usually preferable since it’s lightweight and easier to install. Sheet metal ducts are non-porous, so they rarely get moldy. They’re also durable and easy for Euless cleaning professionals to clean.

They can also be more unwieldy than flexible ducts. They tend to leak at sections where multiple ones meet each other. This means they’re not great for large, elaborate air duct systems. They’re also a bit prone to trapping dust

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