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Should I Buy Air Duct Cleaning Equipment?

Posted on October 11, 2022

Air duct cleaning in Euless is an amazing service everyone should experience because it improves air quality and provides long-lasting allergy relief. Nobody performs better air duct cleaning in Euless than our talented crew at Zero Odor. Everyone deserves to breathe clean air on a regular basis and reap the benefits of living a healthier life!

What usually gets in the way of receiving quality Euless air duct cleaning is price. And what happens when price becomes the deciding factor? People attempt to do things on their own and play around with different methods. Air duct cleaning in Euless can be something you can do by yourself, but you’ll end up spending more money on equipment. 

Professional air duct cleaning in Euless conducted by Zero Odor uses a specific combination of tools and equipment. Some may be suitable for a novice to operate, but it’s important you know how each piece of machinery works in order to get the best results.

Negative Air Pressure Machine

A negative air pressure machine is the main device used in Zero Odor’s Euless air duct cleaning. This machine hooks up to your home or building’s ventilation system and performs what we call in the industry, “scrubbing.” Essentially, the device utilizes high-power suction to take contaminated air and run it through a series of air filters inside the machine. 

This technique is a very effective way to flush out the toxins and debris from your air duct system and have your vents pumping fresh air! The only problem is that a professional-grade machine costs upwards of $1,000. Comparing that price to hiring our team at Zero Odor is an enormous difference. We perform air duct cleaning in Euless at an affordable price point.

Negative air pressure machines also take up a significant amount of space. You’d have to store the machine properly and allow for enough room to maintain safe quarters. When you start adding up the accommodations, calling Zero Odor to handle air duct cleaning in Euless sounds a lot easier.

Other Devices

And negative air pressure machines aren’t the only item necessary for the best air duct cleaning in Euless. There are three additional devices Zero Odor may use during any given Euless air duct cleaning appointment: 

  1.  Portable Vacuum
  2. Power Tools
  3.  Antimicrobial Spray 

Portable vacuums help scoop up any additional debris that gets left behind by the negative air pressure machine. It also comes with a handheld nozzle to clean every corner and crevice inside your ventilation system. Sometimes you need extra assistance in those hard-to-reach places! 

Power tools and antimicrobial spray are miscellaneous gadgets that always come in handy. You never know when a power drill is needed to unscrew air vents or when you run into a bad case of mold. The antimicrobial spray helps protect your air ducts against mold that taints the air and poses a major health risk. 

Call Professional Air Duct Cleaners

As you can see, air duct cleaning in Euless is a very thorough process that requires many pieces of equipment. You truly never know what to expect with each job and as professional Euless air duct cleaning experts, we always come prepared. Whether it’s an infestation of mold, dust build-up, or musty smells vents, our crew at Zero Odor is ready to help you!

It’s much easier to pick up the phone and call us for your air duct cleaning in Euless rather than buying all this expensive equipment and then having to do the job yourself. Let Zero Odor take on the burden while you sit back and enjoy having clean air circulate through your home.

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